Oct 28 2010


Thank you for taking the time to visit Morsels! Chef Eli Morse (formerly of Keeper’s in Reading, VT) is now offering a wide variety of catering services to the Upper Valley area. These aspects can be grouped into two basic fields:

~Inspired “core pantry” foods prepared in your home.
~Professional on-site catering services for small and large parties.

Core Pantry
The aim in this endeavor is to provide wholesome, delicious prepared foods that fit into
your schedule and life. Roasted tarragon chicken, Jasmine rice, green curry sauce, blanched vegetables, soups, chutneys, braises, lasagna, and fresh chicken stock are some staple examples. Rather than a regimented daily menu, the intention is to provide you with a “core pantry” that makes life easier and more inspired when you open up the refrigerator door at 6:00!

Catered Parties
The emphasis of Morsels is on quality, freshness, and flexibility. Catered menu for any given party is an open discussion, and created to fit the client’s preferences, needs, and budget. You will find some choices on the menu page of this site, and please keep in mind that these are just a few
starting points. Parties of two are in the realm of discussion, and the number of guests is only limited to what your home can comfortably accommodate. Morsels can also facilitate the selection of other venues in the area if needed for larger catered parties. Platters of appetizers are available if the client prefers to get the party off to an elegant, stress-free start while they get the grill fired up! Full service is, of course, always available anywhere in the Upper Valley area.

Both Core Pantry and Catered Parties by Morsels can be gifted!!!

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